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Auto Dealers

Protect your inventory, limit your liabilities and increase your efficiency while seamlessly transferring into a profitable product your customers will value.

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Auto Finance

SurePay Assurance Program helps to build your portfolio by protecting your high risk interests, lowering loan defaults and reducing repossessions.

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Rental Fleet Management Program plays a vital role in increasing revenue and lowering operation costs. Each Guidepoint equipped vehicle is proven to maximize operating efficiencies by maintaining control and awareness of your rental vehicles.

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All loaner vehicles are subject to misuse and excessive mileage. Your dealership will avoid these problems, reduce maintenance costs and improve loaner resale value with Loaner Vehicle Monitoring Program.

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Each relationship is dynamic, multi-faceted, and unique. Guidepoint provides crucial services like engineering, security, vehicle provisioning, dealer training and support, sales, marketing, and billing.

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The expansive collection of services includes comprehensive vehicle health monitoring, insurance benefits from usage-based insurance programs, and a wide-range of location-based services all back by a series patents protecting the underlying technology used by Guidepoint.

Exclusive Dealer Benefits

  • Manage your vehicles with a personalized dashboard.

  • Protect your assets from theft.

  • Simplify floor plan verification.

  • Speed and preset boundary alerts.

  • Low battery alerts.

  • Create vehicle usage reports.

  • Lower Dealer Insurance Liability.

  • Ability to create vehicle groups. (demos, rentals, loaners, etc.)

Advanced GPS technology to help you protect drivers, monitor assets & maximize profitability.

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