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Consumer Services

Emergency or roadside assistance dispatched directly to you even if you don’t now where you are.

Easily locate your vehicle with your smartphone or other connected device.

Reservations, Directions, Traffic Information... if you need it or want it, we can do it for you.

Guidepoint Recovery Specialists will assist law enforcement in the recovery of your vehicle. (Check with your insurance carrier, premium discounts may apply.

Always connected in and out of your vehicle.

For added security your Guidepoint VIP and 1SE are equipped with a visual theft deterrent and on-call button to receive help.

The All NEW Mobile App

  • Unlock new features such as Live TRAK, view your vehicle while it’s in motion
  • Enable Valet Parking mode, ensure your vehicle is treated as it should be
  • Easier to view trip logs with new driving behaviors

Download it now at:

Let's Get In Touch!

Call Guidepoint Systems 24/7/365 Response Center or message us about questions on your account.

More Than Stolen Vehicle Recovery.

Whether you need to protect your vehicle against loss from theft or protect your loved ones against threatening driving risks, with Guidepoint Systems you can count on instant live vehicle locating and a 24/7 Emergency Response Team.



Forget where you parked your vehicle?
Want to monitor your vehicle's speed and where it travels?
Connect with Guidepoint Systems.