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Tools To Keep Your Profits Healthy

Help consumers get into the vehicles they want and need.



Time to get to know each and every one of our partners in order to find the perfect vehicle and lease to fit your unique wants and needs.


Consumer Retention

Help the consumer find the perfect vehicle to fit their wants and needs.


Leasing Goals

Increase your automotive loan portfolio and price loans more competitively.


Vehicle Tracking

Secure your investment with Guidepoint Systems vehicle location device.

Why Leasing Companies Use Guidepoint

Vehicle Location

To give visibility on where assets are when a consumer is delinquent on a loan payment, Quick Locate easily pinpoints a vehicle in real-time. Guidepoint can also predict where a vehicle may be located and recourse is made easy if repossession is needed.

Self-Service Device & Installation Ordering

Order devices and installation services within the Guidepoint Leasing portal as a lender or dealer partner directly.

Proactive Management

The goal of LEASING is to KEEP consumers in cars, driving. Proactive alerts for low batteries and power disconnects are early warning signs of default giving insight into why the car is not moving and the ability to reach the consumer and stop problems before they start. It saves on costs and increases profitability.

Payment Collection

To improve collection efficiencies and stay within the compliance regulations of contacting a consumer, Guidepoint provides data rich reports to determine when, where and the best way contact can be made to collect payments. Audible payment reminders (buzzer) can also be deployed to remind the consumer their payment is past due.